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Say It Now is advertising technology business. We create actionable audio adverts that resonate, build deeper connections and cut through to target audiences using the power of voice and verbal interaction.

We are passionate about conversational technology, with over 20 years experience in delivering enterprise solutions our goal is simple, to make people’s’ lives easier. We believe 2 way conversation is the most engaging way to communicate and build trust.

Say It Now are UK & EU Alexa Cup winners, achieved a global ‘media first’ with German Pharma behemoth, Bayer, with a radio campaign for ‘Berocca Boost’ allowing customers to purchase directly from the radio advert, have been recognised with several industry awards for pushing forward audio advertising.

In November 2021 we acquired North American voice tech platform getstarted, in December 2021 we were named as Group M’s voice partner, in June 2022 we were selected to support Havas grow its voice capability in Canada and in July 2022 we published an industry defining Neuro Insight white paper with our partners with Xaxis and Octave Audio.

We’re moving at lightspeed, to keep up check out our news and media pages!

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“Hearing Health is massivley importnat and can influence peoples’ quality of life. We want to make sure that it is front of mind for people across the country, and thats why we decided to partner with Say It Now- to launch our first ever Actionable Audio Advert.

Gordon Harrison Chief Audiologist, Specsavers

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The Virtuous Circle for Actionable Ads

Macro trends are on the rise- Audio Listenership is up year-over-year (YOY), CTV is up YOY and Smart Speaker accessibility and consumption continues to grow. 

This offers brands and advertisers an opportunity to take advantage of.

As this begins to happen, brands are entering the space and creating a continuous increase in engagement and benchmarks for Actionable Ads. The more brands advertise in this space, the more consumers become familiar with Actionable Ads, paving the way for new adopters to follow suit- allowing the cycle to start again.