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Actionable TV Ads

Delivering Engagement and Attribution

Actionable TV Ads launched with Global CTV leader Tremor Video

Actionable TV Ads- What and Why?

Actionable TV Ads are on-screen ads that encourage the viewer to engage with their Voice Assistant (Alexa, Google Assistant) after viewing the television ad, to complete a brand’s advertising campaign goal, using voice transactions, lead gen, or delivering an engaging brand experience.

  • Encourage viewers to engage with their Alexa smart device(s) via a custom call-to-action for a fully customizable, two-way conversation
  • Produce or optimize your existing CTV video ad creative to fit your campaign needs.
  • Determine the success of your CTV campaign with custom reporting around user engagement for end-to-end attribution
  • No integration required
  • Our tracking pixel runs with your CTV creative and we share our reporting dashboard to show live engagement data.

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The Problem

Lagging behind more mature digital channels e.g. Display

Say It Now’s Solution

A technology platform to deliver ad campaign engagement and attribution using voice