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Actionable Audio Ads

Drive the campaign goal via Voice Assistants using in-stream audio ads

Actionable Audio Ads:

Actionable Audio Ads are in-stream audio ad that encourages the listener to engage with their Voice Assistant (Alexa, Google Assistant) to complete a brand’s advertising campaign goal, using voice transaction, lead generation, or delivering an engaging brand experience. 

Over 60% of adults in the UK have access to a smart speaker at home, 35% in the US, and 27% in Canada, and this figure continues to grow month on month. 

Audio is red hot. Edison’s Share of Ear report (2022) discovered that audio listening through a smart speaker has increased by 400% since 2017.

Listening on smart speakers now accounts for more than 10% of all radio listening in the UK and smart speaker listening has grown from 9.9% to 10.8% since it was first measured in Q1 2022. (Rajar, 2022)

Benefits of Actionable Audio Ads:

  • Live tracking from the moment the campaign is live with our dashboard 
  • End to end attribution 
  • Greater reach (smart speaker growth)
  • Increase engagement 
  • Post campaign analysis

End-to-End Attribution

We work with the world’s move innovative brands to harness the power of Voice Assistance to deliver their campaign goals. We address the engagement and attribution gap associated with audio advertising as our platform provides live data reporting to capture all forms of engagement associated with your Actionable Audio Ad campaign.

For more about reporting, visit our Conversation Design page.

“Partnering with Bauer Media and Say It Now has helped our brand to build trust and awareness while presenting opportunities for new activations.”

Zoe Harris Chief Customer Officer, On the Beach

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Actionable Audio Ad features

There are several features of Actionable Audio Ads that can be used to best suit your brands’ goals and objectives.

Send discount code

Instant gratification can be delivered to listeners by sending them a discount code directly to their phone

View Example

Pizza Hut allowed smart speaker listeners to receive a discount coupon of 30% directly to their phone, enabling a 52% session to CTA conversion to be achieved

Send to phone

Have any form of link sent directly to the listeners’ phone

View Example

Disney’s first Actionable Audio Ad campaign to promote The Lion King Musical had a conversion rate of 29% and a 104-second dwell time

App Download

This allows listeners to receive a link directly to their Alexa App on their phone to be able to download your app

View Example

Dominos Pizza wrapped up its campaign with a conversation rate of 14.26% to increase app downloads and increase pizza orders

Set Reminders

Listeners can set recurring reminders in order to ensure they don’t miss any that your brand has set up

View Example

Tesco’s 28.83% conversion rate ensured that listeners were activating reminders, in order to find out first about Tesco’s Christmas deals


Listeners can book an appointment by simply saying “book now”

View Example

Specsavers hearing campaign wrapped up with 5.6k users activating the skill and 3.4% of users booked an appointment just by using their voice

Download Brochure

Listeners can download brochures or relevant pamphlets directly to their phone

View Example

Subaru’s Actionable Audio Ad campaign enabled 25.5% of users to requested to download the brochure which is sent directly to their phone

Request a call back

Listeners can ask to get a call back to speak directly to someone from the relevant team from the brand

View Example

MSC Cruises saw 85% of listeners request a callback to hear directly from someone at the MSC Cruises team.

Buy Now

This allows the listeners to directly buy the product through interaction with the skill by simply saying ‘Buy now’

View Example

Berocca Boost’s campaign enabled a conversion rate of 23%, directly increasing their sales

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Recent Case Studies:

Cif Wipes

  • 99.1% listen through rate
  • 65.8% order intents
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NYU Langone Health

NYU Langone was looking to raise awareness and develop a new channel to offer access to their doctors and archive of information. They commissioned…

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MSC Cruises

  • 99.3% listen-through rate
  • 32 secs brand dwell time
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  • 28.83% conversion rate
  • 27.1 secs brand dwell time
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