Alexa, Open Cif Wipes – An Actionable Audio Ad Campaign Supporting Unilever’s Exploration of Voice Commerce

This winter, we’re supporting Unilever’s multipurpose cleaning product brand, CIF, in their mission to help consumers tackle germs using the latest in digital innovation with their first voice commerce campaign.

In collaboration with their agency, Mindshare, we created an Actionable Audio Ad campaign that enabled Unilever to reach new and existing customers through the use of interactive, insight-driven smart speaker advertising.

In light of the timing of the year, we created two Actionable Audio Ads. The first ad ran during the festive holiday season. The second ad will run in the new year, following the aftermath of an indulgent Christmas. The creatives are joyful, have a play on words, and invite the listener to imagine a range of scenarios where cleaning is a given, priming the listener for CIF’s anti-bac and shine, where no germs will be left behind.

We have had to pause the campaign a couple of times as the product has sold out but with up to date and integrated campaign delivery and reporting this is easy to do.

Radio listeners can purchase CIF wipes directly from their smart speaker by saying ‘Alexa, Open CIF wipes’ after being inspired to do so from an audio ad played during the standard ad break. Listeners can access more product information or order directly using their Amazon Pay account.

If you haven’t listened to the audio ads yet, you can listen to them below. If you have a smart speaker nearby, try it yourself by saying “Alexa, open CIF wipes!”