Alexa Send To Phone

At the ‘Alexa Live’ event in July 2021 Amazon announced the release of ‘send to phone’ functionality which allows a voice experience to hand off to a link on the phone.

As we have a special relationship with Amazon we were granted early access to this program and asked us to create a video about how our customers are going to use this functionality which they used as a demonstration at the event. Here you can see how Diageo are looking to drive footfall in bars from an engaging in home whisky tasting experience for the event and why this is important to Diageo.

See below:

Here you see a couple enjoying the Talisker Whisky Tasting Experience skill (which we have recently translated into Spanish and launched in 6 further territories). At the end of tasting ‘Talisker 10 year old’ they are offered the chance for a coupon to taste ‘Talisker Skye’ in a bar.

There are loads of applications for this new feature from coupon delivery to app download or completing a complex task like booking a test drive or sending a menu to your phone.

To explore how we can help you deliver a voice experience and take advantage of this new feature please get in touch.