The Future of Actionable Advertising coast to coast tour 

We’re a curious business with as many questions as answers.  How would you go about improving your specialist subject?  You learn from the best.

Norbert (our co-founder and CTO) had this crazy idea a few months back.  

“We road trip through North America, hook up with the best people I’ve met from previous ventures, introduce them to Say It Now and get their feedback to fold into the next phase of our growth.”

So, as a company of action, about 10 weeks later we are in Las Vegas for the NAB show with our newly hired company videographger (Rich), in the first of 6 cities (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Austin TX, Chicago, New York and Toronto) for a 10 day, 12 interview romp through this delightful country.

We tapered down the ‘road trip’ element of Norbert’s genius idea and only drove Las Vegas -> Los Angeles to help Rich get some ‘establishing shots’ from his drone and to get us into the ‘road trip mindset’. 

We interviewed at least 2 people of interest in each city we visited, broadcasters, creators, communicators and change makers.

This insight we shared on a daily basis as a 1 min video highlights (see below). Over the proceeding months we’ll share all we’ve learned in a video interview series and create a white paper all about ‘The Future of Actionable Audio Advertising’.

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