Canadian Partnership Announced With Apex

APEX Mobile Media, a leader in mobile in-app advertising technology, is announcing a new Smart Speaker audio advertising solution; enabling consumers to have conversations with the brands they love. Together, in partnership with Say It Now, a leader in smart speaker advertising; APEX will provide Canadian brands a new digital channel to engage with consumers.

Walder Amaya, CEO and Co-Founder at APEX Mobile Media believes that this new offering will create new critical touchpoints for brands to reach consumers. “Adoption and usage of Smart Speaker technology is on the rise, and Canadians are becoming more and more comfortable with using voice assistants. They see the benefits, and flexibility that voice has over text and brands can use this growth in usage as a way to create branded experiences that go beyond the product. Our partnership with Say It Now is in line with our continued philosophy of only working with the best in the business to help us make this vision of ours a reality for brands in Canada; and we’re excited for launch.”

Charles Cadbury, CEO, Say It Now also added: “We are very excited about our partnership with APEX, their track record of positioning advantageous technology to the Canadian market is undisputed.  We are delighted that through this partnership we unlock a new form of communication. Through conversation, trusted relationships are formed and that’s exactly what brands are looking for today.”

A recent eMarketer report forecasted that 6.7 million people in Canada will be using smart speaker technology by the end of 2020 and brands are taking notice. Carlos Guevara, Marketing Manager at APEX Mobile Media says the time to start thinking of branded voices experiences is now. “Smart speakers helps consumers interact with brands in new ways. From learning a new recipe, to guided tours and even placing orders using voice from home. The time for brands to start thinking about branded voice experiences is now.”

Learn more about APEX Mobile Media’s new branded voice experiences.

About Say It Now: Say It Now, UK & EU winners of ‘The Alexa Cup’ are passionate about conversational technology, with over 20 years experience in delivering enterprise solutions our goal is simple, to make peoples’ lives easier through engaging communication that listens as much as it projects.

About APEX Mobile Media

APEX Mobile Media is a leading mobile marketing solution company that delivers unparalleled end-to-end digital advertising services to brands and agencies in Canada, and specializes in providing brands with a premium and transparent mobile advertising experience.