Chat and Voice Bots in Healthcare

We were recently asked to present at the Healthcare Communications Association (HCA) Annual meeting at the Wellcome Trust. There is a huge amount of potential for the use of automated content delivery in the world of healthcare. Some of the most compelling early use cases are where access to information carries social stigma, usually in developing nations. The very fact that a chatbot can be used to educate around a narrow area means that usage increases.

We delivered an overview of the conversational landscape and potential use cases including a demonstration of Mindscape from Jen Heape. She had the audience captivated as they could start to see the power of these technologies.

There is still a lot of work to be done to prove to compliance departments that these engagements can be built in a safe way. However, we feel better prepared this time, our VP Product and Co-Founder Sander has had first had experience dealing with exactly this issue when building out early Mobile Banking capability.

Here’s are the slides we presented, please let us know if you’d like to learn more:

Healthcare Communications Association talk – “Voicing the Future” from Charles Cadbury

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Charles Cadbury believes that everyone should be able to communicate seamlessly with the brands they love and is CEO and Co-Founder of Say It Now, a specialist technology company that helps brands take advantage of opportunities created by consumers shifting to conversational channels.