Donate to Comic Relief using Alexa

In the run up to Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day (19th March) we’re running an Actionable Audio Ad campaign across Global’s network driving donations through a voice commerce enabled Alexa Skill, this campaign will go live on 8th March but if you want to try out the experience now click here or say “Alexa, open Comic Relief”. With this type of campaign we deliver previously unavailable real time reporting from audio ad to transaction.


Q1 is really looking up, consumer confidence is up 25% week on week, and in another recent voice survey one of our long standing voice friends Voxly reported that “7 in 10 of the UK public have used a voice assistant in the last month” which is comforting.

Even though spring is here, your customers will continue to spend most of their lives at home. More than 34% UK adult population has access to a smart speaker at home there’s never been a better way to activate your campaign than by using voice.

Finally, a report in Forbes last week states “Brands that engage all 5 senses stand out from the competition” and at Say It Now our mission is to deliver to our senses of hearing and our innate human need of being heard.

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