Making the MAD//Bot: MAD//Fest partners with top conversational AI developer Say It Now


MAD//Fest has teamed up with award-winning voice assistant and messaging bot developer Say It Now to build the MAD//Bot – a chatbot shaped by the MAD//Fest community to make your event experience more seamless.

From Google Maps to mobile apps, technology has made attending events less complicated (especially if you remember scrambling around trying to print tickets or directions only to find you’re out of ink).

The MAD//Bot is the next evolution of the event experience and is being developed Say it Now to quickly provide the answers to your questions. Say It Now recently developed the Talisker Tasting Experience – an Alexa skill showcase for Diageo – and won The European Alexa Cup competition in June.

“It goes without saying then that we value experience above all else in most domains in our lives, says Charlie Cadbury, Say It Now’s co-founder.

“Salesforce noted last year that ‘57% of customers had stopped buying from a company because a competitor provided a better experience’.  So it’s no surprise that when we visited MAD//Fest last November we were blown away by the step change in the conference experience that the team had created.

“At Say It Now we believe that voice and chatbots can further improve experiences by allowing, faster, more seamless access to information and our award winning approach seemed to dovetail with what MAD//Fest are bringing to the world.

“So we approached the MAD//Fest team and proposed we create a bot for this November’s event.  A bot by the people, for the people. We are co-creating it with the audience to give it the best chance of success.”

This is where you come in. Tell us what you want from the MAD//Bot in this 3 minute survey and we’ll enter you in a prize draw for lunch at Dishoom including Chaat and a Bottle of wine (see what we did there?)