Voice insight & Experience Service Launching at MAD//Fest

Today, at November’s MAD//Fest Say It Now is launching it’s radical new ‘Voice Insight & Experience Service’.

Over the last 5 years many brands have been closely monitoring the epic rise in voice assistants and waiting for the right time to make their investment in voice.

Now is the time to take action.  Several recent reports all evidence solid numbers to prove voice has reached tipping point:

“More than 85,000 smart home products from over 9,500 unique brands can be controlled with Alexa.” – Amazon.com

“9.6% of consumers say they use voice speakers to buy things in 2019, compared to 7.7% in 2018 — a 25% increase in purchases made via voice speakers.” – VISA

“June 2019, 21.1% of UK households have a speaker with a reach of over 10 million users.” – Strategy Analytics

Ed French, Commercial Director, Say It Now says, “ Now the usage of voice assistants has hit a critical mass, brands that develop voice skills will gain a wealth of in-the-moment qualitative and quantitative data. Insights derived from these one-to-one conversations with consumers will be hugely important in developing products, services and marketing strategies.”

Since 2015 the Say It Now team has been creating multi-award winning voice experiences for brands like Marriott and Diageo.  They are using their partnership with MAD//Fest to launch a new Voice Experience service, allowing brands to take advantage of their experience & launch a voice skill for as little as £3k / month.

This service is for ambitious brands who want to learn more about what their customers care about and improve the experience of engaging with their brand.

Say It Now understand where voice plays into ‘the consideration journey’ and are keen to lower the bar to access their experience.  Anyone interested to learn more, please come and visit us at MAD//Fest stand B11 or get in touch https://sayitnow.ai

Say It Now are an official partner of MAD//Fest, have built the MAD//Bot chatbot (talk to it here) and are speaking alongside Diageo on Thursday 14th at 15:50 on the Emerging Tech and Innovation Stage