Whitepaper: Making charity donations easier with Alexa

Say It Now and Octave Audio joined forces with a series of charitable partners to make it easier for people to make charity donations via Alexa, the smart speaker device.

The pandemic has shaken the charity sector to its core; donations have dropped during a time of economic downturn and fundraising events have been cancelled due to social distancing restrictions (source: Civil Society). 

As a result, Actionable Audio Ad smart speaker campaigns were designed to aid in striking a balance between raising awareness and encouraging donations – using simple, interactive ways that only required the listener to use their voice.

The campaign effectively targeted a record number of radio listeners, working with three charitable partners: NSPCC, Crisis UK and Macmillan. The campaigns ran between August and November 2021. 

When measured against objectives, the charitable campaigns were a significant success, with many audiences engaging and showing positive intent, i.e. interacting with the content to learn more, play a game or access other available brand content.

Results showed that when listeners engaged with the Actionable Audio Ad on smart speakers, the results were overwhelmingly positive. They enabled the charity campaigns to effectively raise awareness of their cause and drive immediate donations.

Octave and Say it Now have released a Whitepaper, with a guest contribution from Veritonic, explaining findings from these exciting campaigns.