Winning the $25,000 prize at the ‘Founders Live’ 99 Second Pitch Competition

We were invited to Founders Live recently to participate in their famous ‘99 Second Pitch Competition’.  With or without slides 5 start-ups took to the stage and battled it out.  The competition was ferocious with companies ranging from a bespoke skincare platform (, home rental platform ( to award winning sexual health products (, ethical ticket touting ( and us (

It’s not often you’re asked to condense your entire raison d’ être into 1m39s but we took to the challenge and prepared a pacey pitch extolling a bit about why we do what we do, a take on the landscape and how we help enterprises take advantage of the huge opportunities voice presents.

We’re delighted to have been voted to the top spot from a vote consisting of the audience in the room and a livestreamed audience.  Praise from your peers is praise indeed!

If you have 99 seconds you can see the pitch and some Q&A below and keep scrolling if you want to flick through the deck (it’s not that clear on the video):

Brand Experience Platform – Founders live – 99Second Pitch from Charles Cadbury

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