Working With Food And Grocery Delivery Businesses

Use Voice to Grow Revenue, Improve Customer Experience, Differentiate against the Competition with a voice assistant skill.

A correctly managed voice channel can increase lifetime customer value by more deeply embedding your service into everyday routines, differentiate against your laggard competition and offer another seamless channel for customer acquisition as most smart speakers already have a payment mechanic (Amazon Pay / Google Pay) baked in.

In 2019 we won the UK and EU rounds of the first ever ‘World Cup of Alexa’ with a service specifically aimed at supporting food and service delivery businesses that didn’t have large technology teams to implement the voice channel.

By looking at existing customer experience journeys across web and mobile and applying a detailed understanding of how voice reduces friction in the flow you can find the most logical place to begin.

The ‘jumping off’ opportunity for voice lies with account linking, receiving notifications and being able to ‘check in’ and amend upcoming deliveries

For Example:

Alexa, ask ready meals what recipes are in my box this week? 

You have cajun chicken and cod with olives and crispy pancetta, would you like to make any changes?  

Yes, can I swap the chicken to a vegan dish?  

No problem, how about satay sweet potato curry?  

That sounds great.  

All sorted for your Thursday delivery, enjoy!

The above, simple, voice dialogue reduces everyday hassle, against the existing 6 step process:

  1. Take phone out of pocket / bag

  2. Unlock

  3. Find app

  4. Open app

  5. Navigate to ‘my orders’ page

  6. Make amends

  7. Put phone away

In the right environment voice is a compelling, friction-less, interface and at the time of writing (April 2020) in the daily lives of the 34% of UK households.  We have seen since the COVID-19 lock-down a 44% YOY increase in smart speaker usage.  The behavior we had expected to take years are speeding up. As we find our new normal the ability to move away from touching our technology and finding voice interfaces becomes increasingly compelling, with 28% of shoppers expect to be shopping more online after the lock-down ends, less in stores voice commerce will play an important part in the new world.

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