A few reasons why you should be thinking about Alexa for Apps – Send to Phone

We’re excited about the addition to the Alexa for Apps functionality ‘Send to Phone’. Announced at the ‘Alexa Live’ event in July 2021. Send to Phone allows customers a friction-less path from a voice experience into your phone either deep linking into iOS and Android mobile apps or directing you to a website or coupon.

Combining the strengths of voice and the action powerhouse of mobile, Send to Phone enhances end to end customer experiences by sending customers into a mobile environment via Alexa app push notifications to complete the customer journey.

In the context of Actionable Audio Ad campaigns send to phone will further reduce the friction to:

  • Collect a coupon

  • Download an app

  • Access a ‘specials’ page on website or embedded within an app

  • Book an appointment or test drive

  • View a visual catalogue or menu

Say It Now were granted early access to Send to Phone due to our close relationship with Amazon, and they asked us to create a video on how our customers are going to use this functionality – which in turn was used as a demo at Alexa Live. We centred the concept with our client Diageo who are keen to drive consumers to bars from an engaging in home whiskey tasting experience. [Watch the 1 min video here]

There are many key business benefits for Alexa for Apps – Send to Phone.

You can:

  • Drive traffic from millions of Alexa devices

  • Reduce friction and increase satisfaction

  • Unlock new engagement and monetization possibilities

Alexa for Apps works with Android and iOS. It offers customers additional information via mobile, using a skill connection call from an Alexa skill.

With Amazon Alexa’s key message being Ambience, and designing more ambient experiences for Alexa, making her “ubiquitous, always there, always available at home, on the go, in your car, in your ears, and on your phone without being intrusive”, it only makes sense to create a bridge from any Alexa device, in the home and on the go with Send to Phone. You even have the option to use Quick Link buttons in your app or website to resume voice interactions, delivering a homogeneous ambient operating environment.

To find out the benefits Alexa’s send to phone can bring to you or to talk about any aspect of your voice assistant strategy please get in touch.

About Say It Now

Back and forth communication through conversation is the most effective way to create a trusted relationship.

Market leaders Say It Now work with world leading brands to enable voice commerce.  Their trademarked Actionable Audio AdsⓇ product enables goods and services to be bought directly from Audio Advertisements and has received widespread acclaim.

At Say It Now we are passionate about the future of conversational technology, with over 20 years experience in delivering enterprise solutions our goal is simple, to make peoples’ lives easier, reducing friction and adding utility to everyday life.