Alexa, launch Alder Hey: NHS children’s charity drives donations through voice



With voice assistants playing an ever more pervasive layer in our daily lives there’s a shift in consciousness around voice commerce and how brands can integrate voice into their user journey.


That’s where Actionable Audio Ad campaigns come in, targeting those listening to audio on a voice-assistant enabled device. Understanding the tools at hand in a modern listening environment we connect brands with consumers using two way communication and the power of voice.  Unlike passive, legacy, audio campaigns, engagement, real-time measurement and optimisation come as standard.

For Alder Hey we established a new channel for charitable donations that doesn’t detract from the user experience by creating an Actionable Audio Ad® campaign. With funds coming directly from donations, events and from gifts in wills, we worked with our client Audio Skills who created an audio ad to build awareness and drive engagement with a CTA that focuses on learning more about gifts in wills, and ordering a free pack. Gifts left in Wills from generous supporters help fund state of the art specialist medical equipment, transform the lives of children, and create magical ward experiences.

The audio ad is uplifting, fun, bouncy, with a soundscape reflecting the joy that users can bring to the lives of young patients that could experience a world of difference from as little as 1% of the listeners estate.

Now imagine you’re sitting on the sofa, or standing in the kitchen, listening to your favourite station on your smart speaker that’s sitting on the worktop. It’s ad break time. But what you’re about to hear is not your usual audio ad, it’s different, it’s interactive, it’s actionable. It goes something like this:

40 second smart speaker audio ad 


Voiceover: Your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren, the cheeky little girl from next door. We never know who we’ll meet at Alder Hey children’s hospital, but we do know that here they’ll have the best of care and hopefully some fun too.

Soundscape: Magical, fun, bouncy, uplifting beat

Voiceover: To provide that, our charity relies on donations, including gifts in wills, from generous supporters, which help fund specialist equipment, and magical ward experiences beyond what the wonderful NHS can provide.

Voiceover: To find out more and to order your free gifts in wills pack, ask your smart speaker to open Alder Hey, even 1% of your estate can make the world of difference. So please say open Alder Hey, now.

When the Listener then says “Alexa, launch Alder Hay” they begin a simple  dialogue with the smart speaker and are guided down a conversational path where they can request a support pack to be sent to them.

Why Actionable Audio Ads?

Voice is now, with 70% of users asking about information from brands, and 40% buying products via voice. Audio ads are proven to deliver a 85-95% listen through rate and with smart speakers these ads can be activated to drive voice commerce, lead generation and a great brand experience. This data is monumental in highlighting the meteoric rise of voice assistant adoption across the UK and how voice commerce can transform charities such as Alder Hey through a fresh new brand experience as well as being a contributor towards fundraising efforts and helping them reach new and existing audiences.

Our objective for this campaign is to generate leads for Alder Hey, and create an exciting new channel for them to communicate and connect with their audience. We’re making their existing audio campaigns actionable through smart speakers, and measurable through our datasuite which will deliver end to end campaign attribution and analysis.