Alexa, Open Bassetts Vitamins

Get the vitamins you need today with Bassetts! 

Mondelez’s first Actionable Audio Ad campaign for Bassetts went live last week! They want to make sure listeners are looking after themselves and are giving their body the good stuff with their tasty, one-a-day gummies.

Listeners who hear the audio ad running across smart speakers will just need to say “Alexa, open Bassetts Vitamins” and they will be able to purchase the Bassetts Man 50+ or Woman 50+ vitamins directly from the Amazon store, or add it directly to their basket. Easy, non-disruptive & Hands-free!

Listen to the audio ad below:

Listen to the skill interaction below:

Benefits to the brand:

  • Increased product sales
  • Increase brand awareness for Bassetts
  • Increase consideration of their 50+ vitamins 
  • Instant engagement via voice-activated call-to-action

Benefits to the consumer: 

  • Hands-free completion of the call to action
  • Convenience- buying something directly from the Amazon store has never been easier
  • Non-disruptive user flow- the listener does not have to stop what they are doing to engage with the ad. 

Purchase your daily vitamins from Bassetts by simply saying “Alexa, Open Bassetts Vitamins.”