Alexa, Open Race for Life

Are you ready to Race for Life? 

Following a successful campaign last year, Cancer Research’s Actionable Ad is back to get you ready for your local event. This year we partnered with AMA, Global, Octave, and EssenceMediacom to deliver a dynamic, actionable ad! A sector first!

Be part of the movement and help raise money for life-saving cancer research, say “Alexa, Open Race for Life” to either sign up straight away through the link that is sent to your phone or hear more about the various events on your smart speaker. 

Give it a go, say “Alexa, Open Race for Life.”

Listen to the audio ad below:

Listen to the skill interaction below:

Benefits to the brand:

  • Increased awareness of the Race for Life initiative
  • Increased brand awareness for Cancer Research UK
  • Bypass all search competitor bids by linking straight to the relevant website page
  • Increased website traffic and direct sign-ups
  • End-to-end measurements in the audio space
  • Instant engagement via a voice-activated call-to-action
  • Access to our live data dashboard that allows tracking of the campaign performance from the moment it goes live

Benefits to the consumer:

  • Hands-free completion of the call to action 
  • Convenience- link is sent straight to their phone to sign up for their local event
  • Non-disruptive user flow- the listener does not have to stop what they are doing to engage with the ad

Give it a go, say “Alexa, Open Race for Life.”