Voice Marketing Industry Update Q1 2024

On Thursday the 21st of March 2024, we hosted our first ‘Voice Marketing Industry Update’ of the year in the Shard. It was great to see such a range of people across the industry in attendance, including our trusted clients and partners.

These are the key topics that were covered:

  • The rise in voice and the current state of the voice landscape
  • Our work with Nexxen and CTV
  • An introduction and demo of the Say It Now Studio
  • Insights

Charlie Cadbury, CEO and Co-Founder, introduces actionable ads, how voice is the easiest way for humans to interact with computers, as well as, the current state of the voice landscape. 

Charlie focused on the growing importance of voice and how it is transforming the way we interact with technology and advertising. Voice is the now, not something to wait for.

Adam Mugridge, Director of Creative Solutions at Nexxen, our CTV Partner, joined us to speak about Actionable TV Ads. VTA (voice-to-action) technology was compared against QR codes to gain a better insight into user behaviour which was backed up by some case study examples we have worked on together. 

Adam provided great insights into the latest trends in actionable CTV advertising, focusing on voice as a way to drive viewer engagement and action.

Dalveen Mahal, Head of Product at Say It Now, walked us through a demo of Say It Now Studio which is our SaaS platform. Dalveen also presented our live data dashboard to demonstrate the range of data you have access to working with us. 

By showing the room how Say It Now Studio works, it was clear how easily Actionable Ads can be created through the platform across the various features available.

Finally, Zoe Burton, Head of Commercial, showed off some of our recent favourite campaigns whilst diving into crucial actionable ad insights. 

This highlighted the rapid increase of adaptors of actionable advertisements in the last year and the power/ effectiveness of Actionable Ads.