“Alexa, Open The Lion King”

Disney has collaborated with Say It Now to launch a smart speaker advert that invites listeners to go behind the scenes of the iconic Lion King musical in London.

The Lion King is one of Disney’s most beloved productions and now with the magical words ‘Alexa, open The Lion King’, listeners will be able to go behind the scenes and take a closer look at what makes the iconic musical so special to audiences globally. 

As a response to the boom in the smart speaker and audio consumption in the UK, smart speaker listeners who hear The Lion King advert on digital radio stations will be able to learn more about the live musical directly from the cast and crew, as well as purchase tickets on their phone to watch the production live at The Lyceum Theatre, London. 

As Disney takes their first step into the world of creative, targeted smart speaker advertising, it joins the vanguard of brands who have recognised the untapped potential of this channel of interactive, actionable audio consumption. A survey done in 2021 by RAJA demonstrates that 50% of those who tune into digital audio weekly do so via smart speakers and 72% of households who own a smart speaker use it daily. This emphasises the potential of this market and the positive impact of actionable audio ads.

Recent research from Neuro Insights found that voicing a brand’s name back to a smart speaker (in response to an advert) generates a 30% uplift in overall levels of brain response compared to a standard audio ad. Therefore, brand recognition is greater and allows for a deeper relationship to be built between brands and consumers. 

“The Lion King is one of Disney’s most treasured productions and so it is a special privilege for Say It Now to work on the first-ever smart speaker advert for the award-winning West End musical version.”- Maria Cadbury, Global Director of Strategic Partnerships at Say It Now

The Lion King Musical x Say It Now