Alexa, Open Xero Go

Xero, the global small business platform that supports 3.5 million subscribers with accounting solutions, payroll, workforce management, expense, and projects, launched its first Actionable Audio Advert with us in Q1 2023.

This Actionable Audio Ad campaign promoted Xero’s mobile app, Xero Go, which helps sole traders to streamline the manual, time-consuming elements of online accounting while being self-employed. Smart speaker listeners who heard the audio advert were encouraged to say “Alexa, Open Xero Go” in order to receive a link to download the Xero Go app or listen to more information.

Xero’s move into actionable audio advertising underlines the company’s commitment to innovative marketing. The approach follows ground-breaking research from Neuro-Insight, the neuro analysis company, that found that branded smart speaker ads trigger a 25% increase in overall brain activity when compared to branding in standard audio ads – helping to build stronger and more meaningful associations. It also found that engaging in a conversation with an ad via a voice assistant makes branding moments 11% more memorable.

Charlie Cadbury, CEO, Say It Now, said

“We are thrilled to be working with Xero, a global technology company that is applying a pioneering approach to advertising. Using interactive voice technology, their actionable smart speaker advert brings audio advertising in line with online advertising in terms of cut-through and data analytics. The voice command is the equivalent of the online ‘click’, and this drives measurable ROI for brand awareness and app downloads.”

Test is out, just say “Alexa, Open Xero Go”, to your Amazon Echo device.

Listen to the Audio Advert
Listen to just how the interaction with the Audio Ad works
Alexa, Open Xero Go