Campaign Live’s Radio and Audio Advertising Summit

Celebrating the power of Audio

On 28th January, Campaign, the global business magazine covering advertising, is hosting an event to showcase best in class Radio and Audio advertising. This is the first event focused on this theme and shows how powerful Audio is becoming in the media mix.

We have been invited to share our experience with Actionable Audio Ads, how we look at bench-marking and what insights we have gathered.

Here’s what Campaign say about it:

Campaign’s inaugural Radio and Audio Advertising Summit will explore the potential of audio advertising, how organisations are using this space in creative ways and the most effective methods of using audio in order to maximise ROI.

With changing listening behaviours over lockdown, the rise of podcasts and lots of emerging tech in this space, the audio landscape is full of opportunities. Does your team know how to make the best out of radio? Or how best to use your budget on a mix of traditional and digital audio? The Radio and Audio Advertising Summit is an invaluable opportunity to make sure your team is up to date with everything audio. Join us for a day of compelling case studies, in-depth presentations and engaging panel discussions.

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