Goodbye Eleanor!

We say goodbye to our Marketing Assistant, Eleanor Wirth, and wish her all the best in the future!

Read her goodbye blog here:

I always wanted to spend the time between my A-levels and university in London to make new experiences. I thought the time was going to be great, and it was even better. 

On the first day, I was so nervous about finding everything on time. Of course, as my first time in a big shared office space, and I got lost immediately and had to wait in the lobby to get picked up. Definitely a funny first impression.

Hi, I’m Eleanor, and I spent my last eight months at Say It Now, the first three months as an intern and the following six as marketing assistant.

When I started as an intern in February, I was clueless about what Actionable Audio Ads are. After a lot of research, I was impressed by how successful prior campaigns were and wondered if they could also be that successful in other countries (and especially in Germany, as I am from there). I was lucky to work closely with Maria Cadbury, the Global Director of Strategic Partnerships. Following her lead, I did a lot of market research for other countries, including smart speaker ownership, radio listening time, etc. A lot of other countries have the same potential, and the German market is not as far behind in technology as you think it would be. Other than that, I helped where I could and did little tasks for nearly everyone in the team.

I am so happy I worked with the most amazing team, which is why I wasn’t ready to leave after three months. Before an event, I sat down with Charlie and asked him if I could stay on for the summer until university starts. Turns out he also wanted to ask me to stay, so everything worked out perfectly, especially because the hybrid work allowed me to travel a lot while working.

My tasks were varied, exactly what I was looking for; getting to experience every part of the job. I worked quite a lot on our website, designing new posts, updating old ones, and implementing new features like the careers page (check it out, there might be something for you).

But also other tasks like gathering information and building one-pagers and presentations, creating social posts, going to events, and observing neurological research. Even all of that is just scratching the surface of all the different things I did and could experience. 

One of my last tasks coincidentally puts together my total time at Say It Now. I helped develop the first Amazon Alexa skill for Germany, which has been live for a few weeks. Having done the research in the beginning, it all came together nicely with my conclusion that Germany is ready for Actionable Audio Ads. If based in Germany, you can try it out by saying “Öffne den TuneIn Download.”

I loved my time at Say It Now, especially talking and spending time with the team. Because I had so much fun working, I am now sure what I’m doing next is the right choice. I am certainly not happy to leave but also excited for this next part of my life. Back in Germany, I started my placement at VW, where I work and go to university simultaneously. 

My subject is ‘International Business, so I’ll be working on making my way back to London in the next three years 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed my version of this newsletter over the past months!