Make Your Print Advertising Actionable


Print advertising boasts a long history, predating the printing press with early forms like papyrus scrolls in the ancient world. 

The rise of newspapers and magazines in the 16th and 17th centuries provided new platforms, and the 19th century saw its golden age with advancements in printing and the development of advertising agencies.

While facing competition from radio, television, and later digital media, print advertising has adapted and continues to hold a place in the marketing landscape with its unique strengths.
Traditional advertising has a long-standing history. However, as the growth of digital advertising continues to soar, methods such as Actionable Advertising offer brands innovative methods to increase the effectiveness of their advertising. Spurred by the booming popularity of smart speakers during the pandemic, this rapid growth can be attributed to the natural and convenient nature of voice interaction. Combined with the steady growth of smart speakers that are now in 60% of UK homes (Global, 2023).

By harnessing the ease of voice-based commands, Actionable Advertising creates a smoother and more memorable experience for consumers, making it one of the hottest trends in marketing today.

How to Use the Two Simultaneously

In this modern age, print has the opportunity to evolve with the digital age by ensuring it is Actionable. How can this be done? Well, it’s pretty simple. Any print advertisement, whether it’s a leaflet or a billboard can be made Actionable by simply adding the text “Alexa, open (brand name)” which will then be paired with an Alexa skill that consumers can then engage with by invoking “Alex, open [brand name].”

Let’s put this into perspective:

This shows the true nature of Actionable Ads. The non-disruptive, hands-free CTA means that people are far more likely to complete the call-to-action by invoking the voice command. Whereas in a traditional situation, the flyer would likely be thrown away if there was no Alexa call-to-action.

Why Make Print Actionable?

Actionable Advertising helps solve many problems associated with print advertising. These include limited access to data, high competition, and dwindling readership rates (NI Business Info). 

Here are the benefits of making your print advertising Actionable:

  • Actionable ads gather more valuable data: Working with us means that you have access to our live dashboard. This allows you to track metrics such as brand dwell time, impression delivery, and conversion data.
  • Competitive advantage: Actionable Advertising is an innovative method that allows brands to stand out from their competition, especially in saturated markets.
  • Increased brand awareness: Actionable Audio Ads have a 30% increase in brand awareness compared to regular audio ad spots.
  • Boosts readership: The change in the ad format from non-actionable to Actionable helps combat the current declining reading rates of traditional print ads. The voice command stands out on the print advert.


Print advertising faces challenges in the modern world, but it can find new life by becoming Actionable. By incorporating voice-activated technology, print ads can offer a seamless and engaging experience for consumers, boosting data collection and revitalising an age-old medium. By embracing this innovative approach, print advertising can reclaim its place alongside more recent marketing trends.

Ready to Make Your Ads Actionable?

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