Speak Now, Act Now: The Rise of Actionable Ads in 2024

Did you know that over 60% of adults in the UK own a smart speaker?  Brands are searching for ways to cut through the noise, and engage listeners in a meaningful way. Enter Actionable Ads, the revolutionary advertising format that bridges the gap between listening and doing. This format has made it easier to engage with advertising messages in the home.  Let’s dive into this exciting new wave and explore how Say It Now is leading the charge.

Actionable Ads Defined:

Actionable Ads are audio and video advertisements that seamlessly connect listeners with their voice assistants (like Alexa) to take immediate action. Imagine watching or listening to a show about gardening and instantly engaging with the mentioned fertilizer brand by simply saying “Alexa, open Miracle-Gro.” Actionable Ads make this a reality, transforming passive content consumption into active engagement.

Benefits for Brands:

  • Drive conversions and ROI: By prompting immediate action, Actionable Ads bypass the traditional click-through barrier, leading to higher conversion rates and measurable ROI.
  • Boost brand engagement: The interactive nature fosters a deeper connection with listeners, turning them from passive recipients into active participants.
  • Gain valuable data: Real-time insights into consumer behaviour and voice assistant usage provide crucial data for future campaign optimisation.

Benefits for Users:

  • Frictionless convenience: Take action instantly, without searching for websites or typing URLs. Voice interaction makes the process smooth and effortless.
  • Personalized experience: Actionable Ads can be tailored to individual preferences and voice assistant behaviors, leading to a more relevant and enjoyable experience.
  • Discover new products and brands: Users are exposed to innovative solutions and brands in a natural and engaging way.

How Actionable Audio Ads Work:

  1. The Hook: Capture attention with compelling contextual creative that resonates with your target audience.
  2. The Call to Action: Clearly instruct listeners to interact with their voice assistant using specific phrases (e.g., “Alexa, ask [brand name] to…”).
  3. The Conversation: Users seamlessly converse with their voice assistant, in a branded voice and soundscape, deepening the brand engagement.
  4. The Action: Users complete the desired action, be it adding an item to a list, making a purchase, setting a reminder, or engaging with a branded skill.

Case Study: Domino’s Actionable Audio Ads:

Domino’s saw a 33% increase in voice orders after incorporating Actionable Ads into their audio campaigns. Listeners simply said “Alexa, order a Domino’s pizza” and their favorite pizza was on its way, showcasing the power of immediate action.

Actionable TV Ads: The Evolution of QR Codes:

Actionable TV Ads take the concept a step further, bridging the gap between the living room and voice assistants. These on-screen ads encourage viewers to use their voice assistants after seeing the TV commercial, offering a more engaging and interactive experience compared to traditional QR codes. This is a more natural way to engage 

Case Study: Troy-Bilt Actionable TV Ads:

Troy-Bilt saw a 38% Conversion Rate for users who invoked “Alexa, Open Low, Slow and Mo” after seeing the Troy Bilit Actionable TV Ad. Viewers interacted with their voice assistants to learn more about specific products and to get recipes, showcasing the effectiveness of this innovative format.

Optimising Your Actionable Ad Campaign:

  • Clearly define your campaign goals. What action do you want users to take?
  • Craft compelling audio/visual content. Capture attention and make the call to action stand out.
  • Partner with a knowledgeable platform like Say It Now. Leverage their expertise and technology for optimal results.

Quote from Charlie Cadbury, CEO, Say It Now:

“Actionable Ads make it easier to engage with advertising messages in the home, lowering the barrier between consuming content and engaging in a natural conversation.”

Top 3 Predictions for Actionable Ads:

  1. Wider adoption across industries and platforms. More brands will embrace this format as its effectiveness becomes widely accepted.
  2. Personalisation will increase. Actionable Ads will become more personal as voice assistant platforms allow us to personalise branded conversations by leveraging user data and preferences.
  3. Integration with other marketing channels. Actionable Ads can be used to increase the engagement surface of any channel, Audio, TV, print, and even outdoor which will all seamlessly connect with other marketing initiatives for a holistic campaign experience.

Ready to Make Your Ads Actionable?

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