Tuning In Midlands 2024

Our Sales Director, Zoe Bruton, spoke at Radiocentre’s ‘Tuning In Midlands’ on Wednesday the 7th of February 2024, in Birmingham. 

The sessions across the morning included: looking at the role of radio and podcasts when it comes to delivering news, how brands can strengthen their presence on radio, and delving into Radiocentre’s research on advertising effectiveness.

Here is our favorite quote from the session: “If something isn’t looked at, it can’t be seen. However, if something isn’t listened to, it will still be heard.”- Mark Barber, Planning Director at Radiocentre.

Here were the other speakers throughout the morning:

Matt Payton, Chief Executive at Radiocentre discussed the massive growth of smart speakers

Lewis Goodall, Co-host of The News Agents, podcast highlighted the importance and power of communicating to your audience contextually on connected devices

Lucie Cave, Chief Creative Officer for Podcasts and Commercial Content at Bauer Media, talked about the importance and power of communicating to your audience contextually on connected devices.

Laurence Harrison, Automotive Partnerships Director at Radioplayer, provided a sneak peek into the future of car dashboards which was presented at CES in Las Vegas.

Mark Barber, Planning Director at Radiocentre presented the perspective and nuance to the ongoing attention debate.

Simon Forster, Regional Creative Director at Global discussed learnings on best practices for creatives and the future of radio advertising.

“Smart speakers are not the future, they are the now”- Zoe Bruton

Impact, innovation, and effectiveness were the key themes throughout the event. Zoe delved into the power of voice and verbal interaction in audio advertising whilst sharing her vision and learnings from the new data we are coming across. Zoe brought Actionable Ads to life by sharing insights from case studies including On The Beach, McCain, and easyJet.

Here are Zoe’s key takeaways from the event: 

  • Content is king. AI & Technology enhances offering and engagement. People are still the core of the medium.
  • Attention and contextually relevant ad creative is essential. Just because your ad is being heard, does not mean it is being ‘listened’ to.
  • Sonic identity has a long-lasting impact beyond an ad spot. Generic creative should be a thing of the past with all the technology we have access to.
  • Voice-to-action is becoming part of in-car listening
  • News podcasting is a space to keep an eye on
  • Smart speaker listening continues to grow exponentially and it is just getting started

“Voice offers a breadth of data points, giving us new and exciting ways to measure radio”- Zoe Bruton