Alexa, Open McCain

Once smart speaker listeners hear the audio ad, they must simply say “Alexa, Open McCain”, to be sent a one-time link with recipe suggestions for cooking McCain Foods in an air fryer. This is ideal for anyone on the go and looking for a quick yet delicious lunch and dinner.

Air fryers are a rapidly growing trend in modern cooking, and McCain Foods’ new Actionable Audio Advertising is designed to drive brand favourability amongst those hungry to prepare food this way.

Charlie Cadbury, CEO, Say It Now, said:

“McCain Foods joins a growing list of leading brands and global media agencies capitalising on the benefits of actionable audio advertising. This approach will deepen the brand experience that McCain brings to consumers as the interaction fires up their brains and makes them more likely to show positive engagement.” 

Test it out, just say “Alexa, Open McCain”, to your smart speaker.

Read the press release:

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