Say It Now helps Tesco shoppers speak special offers into existence

Thursday, February, 2nd 2023

Say It Now, the voice assistant ad-tech firm, has partnered with Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain, to successfully deliver its first-ever actionable audio smart speaker advertising campaign that enabled UK customers to access special offers and set notifications as part of the Tesco Christmas Party campaign. Listeners simply needed to say “Alexa, Open Tesco.”

Say It Now has appointed former BBH Global Group CEO Neil Munn as non-executive director

Thursday, October, 13th 2022

Say It Now, the voice assistant adtech firm, is pleased to announce the appointment of Neil Munn, the former Global CEO of BBH, one of the world’s leading creative agencies, to its Board. Munn brings unrivalled experience, knowledge, and connectivity to Say It Now as the award-winning adtech, which specialises in actionable audio advertising via […]

Pizza Hut creates voice assistant audio ad to gift consumers with discounts

Monday, August, 22nd 2022

Pizza Hut has partnered with ad-tech firm Say It Now and agency Navigate Digital to create a smart speaker advertising campaign that enables customers to claim delivery discounts. Smart speaker listeners who hear the Pizza Hut advert on digital radio stations will be able to claim their discount directly by saying ‘Alexa, Open Pizza Hut […]

How Actionable Audio Ads are putting brands in our mouths and brains

Tuesday, August, 2nd 2022

At an event about the future of audio, it was only right to do a deep dive into smart speakers and the advertising opportunities they present. Actionable audio ads, which consumers interact with by speaking, have only been active for around two years but are already revolutionising how brands communicate with their audiences. Demi Abiola, […]