RCS, The New Frontier Of Messaging

RCS is a data enabled chatbot platform that sits within native messaging clients.  Why are Vodafone championing this technology and what are the opportunities for brands that embrace this channel early?

Vodafone along with Google and Samsung are championing RCS which allow rich media chatbots to be delivered in the native SMS client. To date, data enabled messaging has been dominated by players like Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp.

With RCS Vodafone and the RCS chatbot directory they have created an unparalleled environment for brands to deliver seamless communication and offers to their clients using rich media chatbots, within their existing SMS app.

Tiia Isoviita Product Manager, Business Messaging Evolution at Vodafone spoke at a recent event to run through some RCS case-studies and the rise of the platform. Say It Now are Vodafone RCS partners and help any innovative brands leverage this technology.

See here entire talk including slides here:

Tiia has a passion for technology, solving customer problems and building and scaling new products. In her current role, Tiia is a Product Manager for Business Messaging Evolution at Vodafone where she is responsible for detecting business needs, defining requirements and exploring business models to evolve the RCS experience.

Tiia has been in tech and marketing for most of her career. Previously, she has worked for companies like Google and Facebook building and launching new tools and products like Google Assistant, Google’s hardware and creative templates for stories in Facebook’s Ads Manager.