SayItNow announces strategic partnership with SwiftGift

One of our core beliefs at SayItNow is the concept of Emerging Commerce, the understanding that the way that humans have bought goods and services has always, and will always continue to change, which is why we’re so excited to announce the partnership with SwiftGift.

SwiftGift is an innovative service that allows eCommerce businesses to unlock extra gifting revenue and bills itself as “the highest converting customer acquisition tool on the market”.  Essentially the platform allows a gift to be sent to a recipient without having to enter the recipient’s address.  This reduces friction in the purchasing flow and last mile delivery. In partnership with SwiftGift, SayItNow can now offer a new type of gifting through a conversational interface messenger and voice interface as part of our core offering.

SwiftGift overview:
A B2B plugin for e-commerce websites, presenting a novel opportunity to increase customer conversion/LTV, adding new days to online sales and providing the highest converting customer acquisition tool on the market.

“Not For Self”: a new market segment
We have identified a large, new market segment: “Not For Self” shopping (NFS). This is where your website customers buy and have an item shipped to their own home, but then hand-deliver it to someone else. Most retailers don’t know it, but “Not For Self” transactions account for 35% of online sales, and currently happens almost entirely offline (up to 85% in some industries)

SwiftGift is the first digital solution, bringing “Not For Self” behaviour online. SwiftGift drives +24% increase in conversion and customer LTV. Our button integrates into any website with one line of code, and we are top of funnel – not in the crowded bottom. SwiftGift button allows customers to seamlessly send any item they see on your website, to anyone, without the need for a Recipient’s delivery address (how it works: demo)

SwiftGift benefits:

1. First ever path to impulsive gifting online
– Top of funnel, converting site visitors who would not have otherwise purchased
– “See an item your friend would like? Buy it. Send them a link” – adds 24% increase to conversion

2. Truly “last minute” gifting functionality

– Example: After Christmas delivery cut-off on 20th December, there are 5 dead days for online retail (while offline booms with last-minute shoppers)
– SwiftGift drives online sales even in this period because customers can instantly send a virtual link to the gift (which itself arrives later).
– Adds +12% additional online shopping days (returning “lost” days)

3. Highest converting channel for customer acquisition
– Recipient landing page provides delightful experience while gathering data for the retailer
– Recipients of your customers are your highest quality leads
– Peer recommendation and relevant product targeting of Recipients converts 60% of them into new customers

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