Using mobility to increase sales

Our understanding of Emerging Commerce tells us that purchasing habits will continuously change.  For example, with car dealers it used to be the case that car salesmen would get 1 in every 7 people that came into the dealership to accept a test drive.  Today that figure is 1.3.  Customers self-serve much of the information they need to know before they buy.  So how can mobility help?

For many high value purchases e.g. home or office viewings, event space viewing, car test drive or furniture the final sale will only happen once the customer physically visits  a location.  This is where mobility comes in.  SayItNow has partnered with Pumpkin to be able to add taxi booking to a conversational flow.  When a customer propensity to act looks like it may be improved with the offer of a ride, to a particular location, we can offer that.  The benefits are that the customer is delighted with the exceptional service offering and the chances of converting that customer to a sale are increased.

We are always looking for innovation in the sales path and with our focus on crafting conversations that lead to a transaction any extra improvements in customer experience all support propensity to purchase.  Mobility is going to be increasingly important in the last mile of a sale, especially as mobility costs continue to reduce.  Get in touch to learn how mobility can support your sales efforts

See below the vision of Anthony Barba, founder of our mobility partner Pumpkin: