Talisker Tasting Alexa Skill

Following the successful signal test of the Talisker Tasting Skill in December 2018 we were engaged again to build out the functionality of the skill for a latger roll-out with a major UK supermarket chain. There were several ways this type of voice experience has a positive effect on the customer decision journey (read full post on that here) that we wanted to test.

We added more facts about the brand, deepened the experience with more actor recorded content, accentuated the brand with bespoke brand sounds and managed to increase the dwell time with the experience from 3.5 to an average of 7 mins per session. Customers were driven to the alexa skill from social media posts, owned media (supermarket), on pack and on aisle POS promotions.

See the video below or read here about the benefits of creating this Alexa skill.

First release Dec 18:

Let Talisker help you experience 3 whiskies from their range, admirably helped with the dulcet tones of a Scottish whisky expert, supported by Alexa. This skill features custom imagery to guide you through the experience if you have a device with a screen. This is a great example of a multi-modal brand experience. Here’s the official release from Diageo.

See a short demonstration below or start to use the skill on your Alexa devices by following this link.


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