The 2030 Conversational Commerce Landscape and How We Get There

On 20th March, amidst the beginnings of a global shutdown we hosted an event bringing together our partners Amazon, Vodafone, DAX, Safe Hands to talk about opportunities for conversational channels over the next decade,

To set the scene we invited our go-to Innovation expert Al Cole who gave an excellent overview on ‘The Future of Conversational AI’ focusing on 5 key themes he expects to see during the #talkingtwenties

  1. Ubiquity

    • The pervasiveness of voice

    • Everything-as-a-service

  2. Teaming

    • Delegation

    • Collaboration

  3. Trust

    • Rebuilding trust

    • Secure transactions

  4. Personalisation

    • Environmental cues

    • Emotional resonance

  5. Friendship

    • Empathy

    • True relationship

Watch the segment below or the full event here