The MAD//Bot comes to life


You may remember back in August we announced a partnership with MAD//Fest, a premium conference focused on ‘Marketing, Advertising and Disruption’.  The challenge was for us to use conversational AI to create them a chatbot, the MAD//Bot.  We initially put out a survey to understand exactly what MAD//Fest goers would like to see and we used those responses to bring it to life.  It’s now here to answer questions about the event.  Anything that the bot cannot answer gets passed to a human agent to ensure all questions are responded to and the customer experience remains tip top.

To set expectations with the attendees we helped MAD//Fest position the launch of the bot below:

MAD//bot, like any newborn, needs training in order to communicate and so this year’s MAD//fest we’re calling the MAD//bot our ‘baby beta bot’ – be kind, but please do have a chat, the more conversations the baby beta bot has, the better it will become, we need you to play a part in her coming of age. Click here to start your conversation.

The feedback we get about the questions asked and type of usage from this audience will allow us to make improvements on the fly as well as report back to MAD//Fest any pinch points, desires or requests they can use for planning future events.  We have spoken to them about adding a lead generation bot, conversational commerce bot and customer service chat bot to the service but we’ll let audience demand shape the direction we go.

Speak to MAD//Bot here and if you’re coming to the event come and say hello at our stand, watch us on stage (we are speaking alongside Diageo on Thursday 14th at 15:50 on the Emerging Tech and Innovation Stage) or let us know if you’d like a ticket?