Where does voice fit into the customer decision journey?

Today, nearly one-third of all U.S. consumers own a voice activated device, just four short years after such devices hit the market.  We are starting to see solid evidence on the direction of travel for voice:

“More than 85,000 smart home products from over 9,500 unique brands can be controlled with Alexa.” – Amazon.com

“9.6% of consumers say they use voice speakers to buy things in 2019, compared to 7.7% in 2018 — a 25% increase in purchases made via voice speakers.” – VISA

Alexa Skills are all well and good but where does this fit into the customer journey?

McKinsey believes there is a new opportunity for marketing lead growth around consideration and we’ll use this to demonstrate where voice can play a part.


1 – Consideration

We have demonstrated with Talisker Tasting that a voice skill can have a positive effect on the consideration story, elevating the brand with extra value being delivered through a voice experience.  This plays into marketing efforts on partner channels, owned channels, paid channels and PR (see Talisker example below):


2 – Active Evaluation

Try before you buy, understand more about the brand, it’s heritage, values and the role it might play in your life.  This is where an immersive experience can deliver both dwell time in a branded experience and key brand selling points.

“Customers spent an average of 7.5 minutes in the experience” – Diageo 

3 – Moment of purchase

Differentiation at point of sale.  On pack stickers showing the added benefit you can access once you purchase this product.


4 – Loyalty Loop

If you align your voice experience with the product and encourage the customer to engage, you have the opportunity to deliver information that encourages them to be a brand advocate, articulating to their peers the benefits of the product. This will augment recall and increase recommendation.

An important benefit from this two way communication from the brand standpoint is you can understand exactly what questions your customers are asking and where their interests lie, allowing you to better shape your product and service delivery against demand.

“60% of time spent in the skill was in the Tasting Experience vs. 40% in the brand  & category discovery section” – Will Harvey, Innovation Manager, Diageo

McKinsey suggests being in a customers consideration set continually can account for up to 80% of sales.

“Earning initial consideration goes well beyond getting shoppers to be aware of your brand name. They also need to have a clear enough sense of its unique benefits and value to include it among products they plan to evaluate as they begin their journey toward a purchase.”

With an ever increasing number of brands looking for a way to grow their presence on voice channels Say It Now have leveraged their experience of building award winning voice experiences and launched a voice experience proposition which drastically reduces the entry point for brands to create a voice experience.  From just £3k / month Say It Now will deliver, monitor and update an Alexa Skill.

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See an example below: