Alexa, Open Boots

Boots is excited to announce the launch of its first Actionable Audio Ad campaign, just in time for summer 2023. This innovative new campaign allows listeners to interact with the ad in real-time, simply by saying “Alexa, Open Boots.”

Listen to the audio ad below:

Here is how the interaction sounds:

Listeners will receive a link to their phone that takes them directly to the Boots website where they can learn about all the amazing summer promotions and advantage card discounts that Boots has to offer. They can also browse the Boots website to see all the latest products and services that are perfect for summer.

This Actionable Audio Ad campaign allows Boots to expand their brand awareness and engage with more potential customers in a personalised way. Throughout this campaign, Boots are able to track the real-time engagement data which can be used to optimise the campaign, ensuring that the ad reaches the right people. 

With this Actionable Audio campaign Boots are tapping into the exponential growth of the digital audio market as the spend is forecasted to be $11.13B in 2024 (Ofcom, 2023). Partnering with Boots contributes to our mission to make it possible to engage with every advertising message using our voice and making their existing media spend work harder.

If you are ready to take your audio campaign to the next level by making it actionable, make sure to email