Alexa, Open Warner Hotels

Warner Hotels is excited to announce the launch of its first Actionable Audio Ad campaign. This innovative new campaign allows listeners to interact with the ad in real-time, simply by saying “Alexa, Open Warner Hotels.”

Upon saying this command, listeners will receive a link to the Warner Hotels website on their phone, where they can learn more about the campaign, explore the various properties they have, and even book a stay at one of Warner Hotels’ many properties across the UK.

This Actionable Audio Ad campaign is a great way for Warner Hotels to connect with potential guests in a more personal and engaging way. It enables them to track real-time engagement data, which can be used to optimize the campaign and ensure it reaches the right people.

Our ‘Voice Marketing Industry Benchmarking Report’ highlights how marco trends are on the rise, along with audio listenership and smart speaker accessibility highlighting the vast reach and potential of digital audio advertising. Warner Hotels are able to benefit from this and expand its brand awareness across the UK. 

If you’re looking for an innovative way to reach new customers, tapping into the world of Actionable Audio Ads is what you need to do. Drop us a line to find out more now.

Listen to the Audio Ad below:

Hear how the interaction with the skill works: