Alexa, Open OVO Power Nap

Contribute to a greener world with OVO’s Power Nap!

OVO’s first cross-channel Actionable Ad is live, brought together in partnership with OVO Energy, Goodstuff, Saatchi & Saatchi to launch their first Actionable Ad.

After saying “Alexa, Open OVO Power Nap,” users can find out when the greenest time is to use their appliances or set a reminder on their smart speaker to check the current grid status.

The bespoke skill has been narrated by James Norton, and delivers new measurement opportunities for the brand to better understand campaign engagement. 

Sounds incredible right? Test it out, say “Alexa, Open OVO Energy.”

Listen to the audio ad below:

Listen to the skill interaction below:

Benefits to the brand:

  • Increased brand awareness of OVO Energy
  • Easy to stand out against its competitors in the competitive energy market
  • Bypass all search competitor bids by linking straight to the relevant website page
  • Increased returning users through the use of reminders 
  • Returning users provide additional brand dwell time in the skill beyond the ad spot
  • Stay at the forefront of consumer consideration by using a high-impact format
  • Instant engagement via voice-activated call-to-action
  • Access to our live data dashboard allows tracking of the campaign performance from the moment it goes live

Benefits to the consumer:

  • Hands-free completion of the call to action
  • Convenience- having a link sent straight to their phone to the specific webpage to order in
  • Non-disruptive user flow- the listener does not have to stop what they are doing to engage with the ad
  • Ability to set reminders on their smart speaker without having to lift a finger
  • Ability to lower their energy costs and make a direct impact on the environment

Zoe Bruton, Sales Director at Say It Now:

By using live data Say It Now has enabled OVO to create an always on campaign extension for consumers to gain a real time insight into whether green energy is powering the grid or not.   Empowering a trusted member of the household, Alexa (voiced by James Norton), to own the branded conversation with their consumers beyond the point of ad spot delivers new measurement opportunities for the brand to better understand engagement across Audio, Radio and Social during flight and beyond. This is the first time contextual content has been added to a campaign like this and is a boundary pushing advancement in Say It Now’s voice arsenal.

Dalveen Mahal, Head of Product at Say It Now:

“After months of careful planning and finalising the user experience design, we built an Alexa Skill with a unique API functionality that gives users live updates on OVO’s grid status. This is a really exciting advancement in our product functionality. I anticipate more demand for integrated Skill experiences that deepen brand engagement. This project exemplifies the transformative power of technology for brands.”

All you have to do is say “Alexa, Open OVO Power Nap.”