Elevate your Summer Campaigns with Actionable Ads


Summer is just around the corner. Making sure that your campaign stands out over this time is essential. 

We are going to explore various case studies that show how making your campaign Actionable can streamline consumer engagement and drive goal conversion. As summer 2024 is all about sports, we have also included a few ideas to help ahead of The Euros and The Olympics. 


Last summer, Boots activated their Actionable Ad campaign using our Send-to-Phone feature to send users a link to browse their summer offers by saying “Alexa, Open Boots.”

As this campaign was led by an incentive, this led to a significant increase in consumer engagement with the audio ad.

Boots Summer campaign results:

  • 40% goal conversion
  • 15.5 seconds brand dwell time
  • 0.01% Voice Through Rate (VTR)

Boots was able to bypass search competitor bids by linking straight to the relevant page on their website. 

By combining Actionable Ads and incentives, you can streamline consumer engagement and boost conversion rates. 


Audible’s summer campaign also used Send-to-Phone in their Actionable Ad campaign. This was used as a way to offer users relevant suggestions for their summer reads, as they go away on holiday or enjoy some time off.

After saying “Alexa, Open Summer Listens by Audible”, users received a link to a variety of options that Audible had available. 

Audible campaign results:

  • 36% Goal Conversion
  • 41.2 Seconds Brand Dwell Time
  • 0.007% VTR

This campaign allowed Audible to direct people straight to the relevant page on their website but it was executed in a creative way that would add value to users in their summer mindset. 

MSC Cruises

Summer is all about travel. Our award-winning campaign with MSC Cruises demonstrates how the brand was able to stay on top of consumers’ minds by requesting a callback or downloading their cruise brochure. Users simply needed to say “Alexa, Open MSC Cruises.” 

MSC Cruises results:

  • 85% of Engagements Requested a Call Back
  • 32 Second Brand Dwell Time
  • 99.3% Listen Through Rate

Actionable Ads cause a 25% increase in branding (Neuro-Insight, 2022) and this uplift increases brand awareness which allows ads to stand out in a saturated market. This also pushes consumers to make an active decision, resulting in a far more successful goal conversion percentage compared to traditional ad spots.

Summer 2024 Inspiration 

As you know, this summer is filled with various sporting events which provides the perfect opportunity to leverage Actionable Ads and our live data dashboard to ensure your campaign stands out and track campaign performance.

Reminders: Stay Top of Mind

Reminders are your secret weapon for keeping your audience engaged. For example, they can be used to remind customers when their favourite teams are playing, followed by exciting offers and deals available over that week. This keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds throughout the summer.

Send-to-Phone: Drive Action

Send-to-Phone is your all-star for any event. Send any digital link directly to consumers. The opportunities are extensive from sending users exclusive discounts to order food to entering contests.


Actionable Ads offer your campaign a chance to stand out and access real-time insights into the campaign. 

The examples above demonstrate how other brands have leveraged Actionable Ads to reach their target audience and complete their goals.

Actionable Ads’ benefits will have an even greater impact this summer with The Euros and The Olympics taking place, allowing you to cut through the noise.

Fuel engagement, drive conversions, and stand out from the competition.  

To find out more about how you can upgrade your summer campaigns email info@sayitnow.ai