Alexa, Open Summer Listens by Audible

Are you ready for a summer of great listening?

With Audible’s new Actionable Audio Ad, you can easily discover the perfect summer reads and listens with just a voice command. Just say, “Alexa, Open Summer Listens by Audible,” and you’ll be whisked away to a world of fantasy, romance, sci-fi adventures, and more. 

Listeners will receive a link directly to their phone to browse through Audible’s latest summer listens. This helps simplify the decision-making process. 

Listen to the audio ad below:

Benefits to the consumer:

  • Discover new audiobooks and podcasts with just a voice command
  • Listen to your favorite summer listens wherever you are
  • Explore Audible’s extensive catalog of audiobooks and podcasts

Benefits to the brand:

  • Raise awareness of Audible’s brand-  Actionable audio branding moments elicit a 25% increase in overall brain activity levels compared to branding in standard ads (The Power of Actionable Ads, 2022) 
  • Increase overall listens
  • Drive sales of audiobooks and podcasts

Give it a test, simply say “Alexa, Open Summer Listens by Audible.”