OpenAI Spring Update – Why Voice Is Changing the AI Game


On May 13th 2024, OpenAI live streamed their spring update where voice is at the front and centre. OpenAI talked through some updates for ChatGPT, as well as introduced GPT-4o, a revolutionary step forward in the field of AI. 

Key Points

The update unveiled that free users now have access to GPT-4’s advanced features, including Vision for uploading and analysing images and documents, Memory for recalling past conversations, and Advanced Data Analysis for detailed insights on uploaded charts.

However, the biggest component of the update was the introduction of ChatGPT-4o, especially its capability of Real-Time Conversational Speech which significantly enhances the realism and fluidity of AI interactions. Some of the features demonstrated include:

  • Interruptible Responses: You can interrupt the AI mid-conversation, allowing for a more dynamic and natural dialogue flow.
  • Quick Replies: The AI now responds almost instantaneously, eliminating the 2-3 second delay seen in previous versions and creating a more engaging and lifelike conversation pace.
  • Emotional and Tonal Awareness: The AI can pick up on and respond to the user’s emotion and tone, while also exhibiting its own, making conversations feel more human-like than ever before.
  • Live Translation Capabilities: One of the most impressive features is the AI’s ability to conduct live translations between two people, facilitating seamless multilingual conversations in real-time.

OpenAI also announced several other features including being situationally aware by using consumers’ cameras to help explain real-world problems they may be facing, such as maths problems and data analysis.

Charlie Cadbury’s Thoughts

Charlie Cadbury, CEO of voice technology company Say It Now has his say on what ChatGPT-4o brings to the table:

This is an enormously exciting time for voice as it accelerates into our everyday lives it brings so much opportunity to transform so many cumbersome tasks.”


OpenAI’s unveiling of GPT-4o marks a major leap in AI, giving everyone access to cool features like real-time conversational speech and advanced vision capabilities, which could totally change the way we chat with AI and tackle everyday tasks.