Voice Marketing Industry Update

Thursday the 9th of November 2023 saw a hand-picked selection of our trusted partners and clients come together in Moorgate, London to see us host our ‘Voice Marketing Industry Update’ event. 

Here is what the event covered:

  • CTV
  • Influencer Product
  • Brand uplift Insights
  • AI and The Voice Landscape
  • Say It Now Studio

Charlie Cadbury, CEO,  introduces insights into our original actionable audio ads campaigns, along with exhibiting the emphatic rise of CTV and the possibilities it brings along with it as well as, previewing our latest endeavor, announcing that we are starting to penetrate the influencer market.

Norbert Horvath, CTO, covers the importance of optimising AI in the voice landscape and using our end-to-end measurement to help maximise revenue and margins for our clients. 

Finally, Daveen Mahal, Head of Production, addresses how we have significantly reduced the timeline involved in producing and launching an Actionable Ad campaign.

Dalveen also announced the upcoming launch of our Say It Now Studio which will be available for beta in Q1 ’24.

If you would like to watch the full event and access the slides presented, click the link below.