A Bright Future: The Evolution of Radio

9 months in the making we are very happy with the result of our latest white paper published in partnership with the Radio Advertising Bureau, ‘A Bright Future: The Evolution of Radio’ is now available.

Key Findings:

  • Radio provides the idea targeted and immersive media environment to reach and engage consumers with the power of a brands voice
  • The status of radio as a respected trusted, and reliable medium, makes it a hugely influential player in the audio advertising space

It all started with a brilliant idea from our CTO, Norbert Horvath, earlier this year to travel across the US, taking a read of industry luminaries – check out the full backstory here.

Throughout the years, Radio has maintained its relevance and continues to evolve alongside technology. Whether you are listening to the radio in your car or from the comfort of your home, the radio’s reliability as a medium still applies. 

The findings within this paper include insight from:

We include links to videos of all of these long-form interviews at the end of the white paper if you want to delve deeper into the minds of these industry experts.

We are so very happy with the way this has all come together and hope it serves as a useful reference point for you. 

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