Amazon Pay on the future of Voice Commerce

Friday, September, 4th 2020

Kris Zanuldin, Head of Product at Amazon Pay, yesterday gave an interview with Karen Webster, CEO of They they laid out opportunities for voice commerce today and over the next few years. Here I note my key take-aways.

What we are seeing with voice adoption is typical of consumer adoption for new technologies. People are trying to work out how to think about their ‘voice strategy’ but if mobile has taught us anything we need to think more holistically about where voice delivers value and work that into the overall customer

The Role of Voice in Brand Loyalty

Thursday, June, 18th 2020

Brand loyalty can be overlooked as the focus is often solely on sales or bottom of the funnel activity. However, it is extremely important to facilitate brand love and create brand evangelists to keep people engaged, excited and coming back.

Planning for Voice App Awareness & Activation

Thursday, June, 4th 2020

Taking the plunge to test something new is always a bit nerve wracking. Is it the right decision? Will this add value? What if it does not work? How much of a risk is this?  This was a dilemma felt by all marketers regarding display advertising 25 years ago, mobile web 10 years ago and more recently in in-app advertising. It is a decision between being on the forefront of new technology and not playing catch up, a situation we now find ourselves in with voice marketing.

Audio To Revenue

Wednesday, May, 6th 2020

There’s a lot to learn from previous web and mobile channel developments.  When mobile apps rose to prominence, seperate mobile departments formed specifically to embrace the mobile channel, as had happened before with brands and agencies creating web teams.  It took several years to realise that the right way to see mobile was as an additive channel, another touchpoint in the overall customer experience.  

For most businesses the mobile channel was complemented by offline a