Alexa Everywhere, Why Voice, Why Now?

Monday, April, 20th 2020

On 20th March, amidst the beginnings of a global shutdown we hosted an event bringing together our partners Amazon, Vodafone, DAX, Safe Hands to talk about opportunities for conversational channels over the next decade.

Marysia Chance, Head of EU Developer & Industry Marketing at Alexa Everywhere came along to give some clear insight about how and why now is the time to be creating Alexa Skills, the uptake of the Alexa platform to date and future trends for Alexa.

We are living in a post smart speaker era where

Using conversational AI for good, a Case Study from Uganda

Saturday, March, 21st 2020

Erica has been working in international development for the past 15 years and in her role at Safe Hands has embraced chatbot technology to democratise information about Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) and will talk through her experiences of developing chatbots in Uganda.

Opportunities For Voice Throughout The 2020’s

Monday, March, 16th 2020

Just as they had to develop a web strategy in the 90’s and a mobile strategy in ‘00s, businesses are going to need a voice strategy throughout the 2020’s

Throughout the first decade of this millennium brands and services had to understand what the web would mean to their business and how e-commerce could transform the customer experience.

As mobile dominated the second decade of this millennium, bringing with it m-commerce the same companies had to take a view on what this would mean for them and how to use this new channel to build on the learning from e-commerce.