Working With Food And Grocery Delivery Businesses

Friday, May, 1st 2020

Use Voice to Grow Revenue, Improve Customer Experience, Differentiate against the Competition with a voice assistant skill..

A correctly managed voice channel can increase lifetime customer value by more deeply embedding your service into everyday routines, differentiate against your laggard competition and offer another seamless channel for customer acquisition as most smart speakers already have a payment mechanic (Amazon Pay / Google Pay) baked in.

London based Voice And Chatbot Project Innovation Partner

Thursday, April, 30th 2020

n 20th April the treasury announced a series of financial measures aimed at firing up the creative mind of innovative SME’s by putting some rocketfuel into the veins of the UK’s world class entrepreneurial community.

At Say It Now we revel in impactful action and are here to support groundbreaking teams who need a specialist Natural Language Processing partner to realise their Voice Assistant or chatbot vision.

We are good at pitching, UK&EU winners of 2019 Alexa World Cup and have many more awards on the shelf from the 5 years we’ve been working with voice assistants and chatbots.

Retaining Customers Through Voice Assistants  

Wednesday, April, 22nd 2020

Brands that are exceptionally effective at this engage their CRM and data at hand to enable functionally great experiences. Of course, efficient customer experience is a symbiotic relationship between the ability to entertain and to assist. In order to sustain satisfied return customers and create brand advocates, it is crucial to create intuitive and engaging brand experiences that ultimately makes life easier for the customer.

Voice App Awareness & Activation Strategies

Monday, April, 20th 2020

We are passionate about supporting and developing our clients voice strategies. We can work with you or your media partners to plan and execute highly targeted campaigns to  engage activate and your customers. With an average ad completion rate of 95% combined and the ability to target smart speakers in your audiences’ home, digital audio is the ideal channel to create awareness and activation of your branded voice skill.