What Google’s Meena Chatbot Means To Conversational AI

Tuesday, February, 25th 2020

Google recently announced on it’s AI blog the advent of a new age of chatbot.

Meena has been trained on 2.6 billion parameters gathered from a vast variety of data sources but why is this important for conversational AI and conversational commerce?

In any meeting, the ability to control and influence

Turning The AI Conversation To Your Advantage

Friday, February, 14th 2020

Conversations quickly turn into trusted, personalised relationships, delighting existing, and attracting new customers.

Learn how you can automate compelling conversations at scale.

We’re hosting an event to share a vision of the future and build your knowledge about Conversational AI.


Hey Robot, Just be Yourself

Thursday, February, 6th 2020

At the start of this new decade AI is the front-runner of emerging trends in digital communications. But why has it taken so long?

Sonja Jones, our newest ally in conversational design, recently penned some of her experiences and thoughts about how to think about the tasks ahead of us all.

I’ve just finished my first commission for writing for a chatbot and it has got me thinking about what we really want from our artificially-intelligent friends?

What Is Driving Voice Assistant Engagement

Friday, November, 15th 2019

Thursday 14th November Will Harvey, innovation Manager at Diageo and our very own Charlie Cadbury took to the stage at MAD//Fest to offer insight into the future of voice assistants and what we have learned building Alexa Skills like Talisker Tasting.

Marketing is a tough, there are ever more channels to distribute messaging but its often still a challenge to get the message to land and drive engagement. Fundamentally