A Bright Future: The Evolution of Radio

Monday, January, 16th 2023

9 months in the making we are very happy with the result of our latest white paper published in partnership with the Radio Advertising Bureau, ‘A Bright Future: The Evolution of Radio’ is now available. Key Findings: Radio provides the idea targeted and immersive media environment to reach and engage consumers with the power of […]

The Power Of Actionable Audio Ads – Neuro Insight White Paper

Wednesday, July, 20th 2022

First of its kind neuro research highlights the powerful potential of interactive smart speaker ads to stimulate increased electrical activity in the brain and strengthen brand awareness Key findings:  Branded smart speaker ads trigger a 25% increase in overall brain activity when compared to branding in standard audio ads.  Engaging in a conversation with an […]

Whitepaper: Making charity donations easier with Alexa

Thursday, January, 27th 2022

Say It Now and Octave Audio joined forces with a series of charitable partners to make it easier for people to make charity donations via Alexa, the smart speaker device. The pandemic has shaken the charity sector to its core; donations have dropped during a time of economic downturn and fundraising events have been cancelled […]

Whitepaper: Discover how charities are driving donations with Actionable Audio Ads

Monday, August, 9th 2021

      We’re excited to publish our latest whitepaper on Actionable Audio Ads and how they’re driving charitable donations. In this whitepaper, you’ll uncover exclusive research and a body of evidence that proves the ROI of using a smart speaker skill to drive charitable donations. We believe this is the largest dataset ever gathered […]