“Alexa, why should I make my next Christmas campaign actionable”

Make your Christmas Campaign better than ever!

Say It Now is focused on delivering an awe-inspiring Christmas campaign PCA in Jan ‘24.

Realistically, we know it is never too early to start discussing Christmas and we want to make sure you are across the ways Actionable Ads can make you and your campaigns look amazing.

What’s the magic? 

Making your existing spend go further

Actionable Ads allow you to track your campaigns in real-time across Audio and TV.  We help you use this data to optimise and make real-time improvements to campaign performance. This gives you the insights you need to make sure your campaign performs better with the same media spend.

Why you should book actionable this Christmas:

  • Live tracking: You can see how your campaigns are performing in real-time, allowing you to grasp the true performance
  • End-to-end attribution: You can track the entire customer journey, from the first time they see your ad to the moment they complete a call to action.
  • Greater reach: Actionable reaches a large audience of smart speaker users, who are increasingly turning to these devices for holiday shopping inspiration.
  • Increased engagement: Actionable ads are highly engaging, see our latest benchmarking report for Voice Through Rates (VTR’s) to expect
  • Post-campaign analysis and optimization: You can use the data from your Actionable campaigns to optimize your future campaigns and get even better results.

Thought starters for Actionable Christmas Ads: 

  • Unique deals and offers specific to views/listeners
    • Links sent directly to phone eliminate ‘challenger sales’ picked up from Google searches
  • Offer instant gratification: People want to be able to get things done straight away
    • Ad copy: “You can purchase this product in 50 seconds just using your voice, repeat after me, ‘Alexa, open XXX…’”
  • Set reminders – increased exposure for the same media spend
    • Your media can request your audience set reminders, encouraging an earned behaviour for them to come back and check in on weekly special offers
    • This mechanic can also be used as an advent calendar

Say It Now are always happy to help ideate, brainstorm with your team or the client to ensure you get the most from these types of campaign.

Check out what we did with Tesco’s last Christmas here