Chat and Voice Bots in Healthcare

Thursday, November, 29th 2018

There is a huge amount of potential for the use of automated content delivery in the world of healthcare. Some of the most compelling early use cases are

Making ‘AI’​ Actionable. Understanding The Hype.

Tuesday, October, 16th 2018

“In the long term, beyond the five-year horizon, natural language question answering will be a major technology force” – Gartner 2011

‘Natural Language Question Answering’ was first tracked in the 2011 Gartner Hype cycle as a technology that would reach mainstream adoption within 5-10 years. 

‘Natural Language Question Answering’ encompasses much of what smart speakers and chatbots can do today, but we wanted to see where we were in the cycle, so

Voice Search

Thursday, October, 4th 2018

Can we put any figures on how many people are connected to voice activated devices, how many people use voice search, demographics, growth in people using voice search? There are now estimated to be over 1BN voice activated devices worldwide.  These encompass smart speakers such as Alexa and Google Home and embedded assistants on mobile devices like Google Assistant and Siri.  In the PwC 2018 Consumer Insights Survey they found that 10% of consumers globally own an AI device and

3 Ways To Commercialise Conversational Interfaces

Friday, September, 14th 2018

I was asked to speak at an event recently about our experience to date and future vision of conversational interfaces.

The founding passion comes from science fiction, the idea that we can talk to our technology has been around for decades. What makes the delivery of these interfaces right now hard is